LabTurbo COVID-19 RNA detection products have obtained approval by Taiwan FDA

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2020/5/12 Global Bio & investment

The LabTurbo COVID-19 RNA detection products, including LabTurbo AIO RNA Detection KitLabTurbo AIO Viral DNA/RNA  Extraction Kit, and LabTurbo AIO SP-qPCR System have obtained approval by Taiwan FDA.

Approval period: From 11 March, 2020 until the disbandment of Central Epidemic Command Center (CECC), Taiwan.


Approval lists by Taiwan FDA (File download):


Approval number: 1096806630;Approved products: LabTurbo AIO COVID-19 RNA Testing Kit (AIOQS3480)、LabTurbo Viral DNA/RNA AIO extraction Kit (AIOLVX500)、LabTurbo AIO SP-qPCR system (AIO48S-144)。

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