Team Member

David Dai

NTU Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (graduate)

30 years' experience in biotechnology industry. Specialize in industry trend and RD-related technology.

General Manager

Eric Tai

NTU Biomechatronics Engineering
NCTU EMBA (undergraduate)

11 year’s experience of automatic hard/software products and programs integration.


Tony Hu

NTU Library and Information science
NTU Health Policy and Management (undergraduate)

Spokesman and fundraiser of LabTurboTM.

Sales Manager

Evan Lin

NTU Animal science and Technology
Rutgers Biomedical Engineering (undergraduate)

7 year’s experience in sales (U.S.A and global).
Assist customers in obtaining FDA501K certification.

Scientific Manager

Finny Huang

Doctoral Degree Program in Marine Biotechnology, Academia Sinica/NSYSU (Doctor of Philosophy)

17 years' experience in laboratory operations.

Molecular biology, antibody techniques, cancer diagnostic and LDT development.

Manufacturing Team

Ability to meet GMP and IVD II standard